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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.- Clean Rooms
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.- Clean Rooms


The company employs about 5,000 employees, mainly engineers and technicians. In 2005 the company reported   sales in the amount of NIS 4 billion (approximately $800 million) and a profit for that year of approximately NIS 94 million. Over 50% of the revenue and orders come from abroad; according to company reports about 9% of the earnings are invested in research and development (R&D).

Rafael is organized into four divisions which are responsible individually and jointly for the development of every product.


The Missiles Division - which designs, develops and manufactures a variety of missiles including those which are termed AA (air-to-air), air-to-ground missiles, anti-tank missiles and also many electro-optic systems.

The Ordnance and Protection Division - designs, develops, manufactures and combines extensive air, sea and land systems including communications, electronic warfare, defense against electro-optics, command and control, battlefield control and management,  data links, naval and land defense systems, solutions for home land security applications, systems for incursions into mine fields, surveillance systems, and simulation systems for training.  


The Armament Systems Division - designs, develops and manufactures reactive and protective systems, passive and peripheral armor, acoustic systems for focused detection and location, and anti-torpedo defense systems.

Manor (Motors and Warheads) - Advanced Defense Technologies Division develops rocket motors, and space propulsion systems, warheads and pyrotechnic subsystems, stand-off breaching systems and disposable naval decoys. Key products of this Division include propulsion systems that are part of the Israeli OFEQ and EROS satellites and the Hetz anti-ballistic missile; and a variety of tools for breaching doors and walls.


The company's offices are deployed in different locations in Israel, mainly in the Galilee:

David Institute - located north of Haifa, where most of the company's divisions are located.

Leshem Institute - located in the Galilee near Karmiel home of the Missile Division.

Shedma Site - located in the Negev and used as a site for experiments.

Branches in Tel Aviv and the Dan Region.

RDC - Rafael Development Corporation located in Yokneam Illit, is a subsidiary for investments in start-ups.

Marketing Missions abroad: Washington, New York (United States), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain), The Hague (Netherlands), New Delhi (India), Seoul (South Korea), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Canberra (Australia).


Our company Kor Az Ltd.  the in-house consultant for Rafael designs air conditioning, cooling and ventilation systems for a range of systems and production halls of Rafael. 

Kor Az Ltd. designed among other things the climate control systems for the cold rooms, air conditioning for the offices and laboratories, special evaporation systems,   temperature jump management systems for coolants, air and special applications.

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